Phase I


Strategically Located

A vital addition to the Young Life camping presence in the middle region of the United States. Clearwater Cove will have an impact on ministry on nine states including Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Louisiana.

The "ripple effect" of Clearwater Cove will be far-reaching. Having a “local camp” builds a sense of belonging — a spirit of community and ownership that’s long been a hallmark of Young Life. It also means greater opportunity for weekend camps, discipleship, leadership development, and staff enrichment. And in the school season, Clearwater Cove will offer top-quality meeting and retreat facilities, adding value to our greater community.




​The Landing

landing 1.PNG

​With the completion of The Landing, Clearwater Cove now has a dining hall that hold 270 campers and leaders, Ozark Outfitters-the camp store, Sonnie's- one of two snack bars on camp, the club room that holds 250 campers and leaders and our game room. Along with all these offerings The Landing is also home to the Clearwater Cove kitchen. In the future The Landing will serve exclusively as the dining hall and kitchen, when this construction is completed the dining hall will hold up to 600 campers and leaders.




" It is clear that God has entrusted the stewardship of Clearwater Cove to Young Life and we are committed to developing it to its full potential. There is still much work to be done and every dollar going forward will help make room for more kids to experience the Gospel at Clearwater Cove."

-Mike Miller, Midwest Camping Development

​Camper Lodges


​The completion of the two camper lodges allows up to 240 campers and leaders to occupy Clearwater Cove each weekend in the school season and months of June, July and August each summer. Table Rock Lodge is conveniently named after our wonderful sidekick, Table Rock Lake. Each cabin within is named after a river or stream that flows into the lake. Outboard Lodge is named after the outboard motors that troll the lake to this day.






" Our highest priority is the next camper lodge. We are confident God has gone before us and has prepared the hearts and positioned the resources in the hands of His people. He is the chief developer of Clearwater Cove and we are asking Him to lead us through open doors to the people he has prepared to help finish Clearwater Cove."

-Mike Miller, Midwest Camping Development




​Adventure Course

ropes 1.PNG

​The Clearwater Cove Adventure Course severs as an exicitng and challenging event for all campers. The course is built to be able to accommodate an entire cabin at once.  






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