Phase II

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16 Cities Development Plan

There are 16 cities within a five hour drive of Clearwater Cove that have fifteen or more years of Young Life history. We are beginning to seek out Young Life ambassadors in these cities who can lead us to the people God has prepared to invest in Clearwater Cove. Please join us in praying for God to lead us to and through the open doors.


 If you are interested in investing or know someone interested in becoming a Young Life ambassador contact Michael Miller, Clearwater Cove Campaign Director.


Keep scrolling to see what exciting news additions will come to camp in phase II.


​The Pool

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The Clearwater Cove pool is the focal point of camp. The pool is located right below the center bus loop and is the first view campers see upon arrival. The pool sits high enough to offer an incredible view of Table Rock Lake as well.

The pool deck includes our second snack bar, The Tin Can. The 1970s Airstream trailer that has been converted into a snack bar. As well as the snack bar w includes the craft cart, water tables, lounge chairs, shade structures and plenty of fun to be had.


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​Office/ Infirmary


The Office and Infirmary projects are beginning Fall 2017. We are in the final stages of planning and organzing support. The Office and Infirmary will be ready for Summer 2018.

​Where God Guides He Provides


​" We work in the knowledge that God is guiding the development of Clearwater Cove and we are confident that where God guides he provides. We are grateful to each of you that have invested in Clearwater Cove so far. Kids are meeting Jesus because of you. Please join us in praying that God will lead us to the people and resources to fund each and every Clearwater Cove project in His perfect timing. "

- Mike Miller

Clearwater Cove Campaign Director

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