Clearwater Cove COVID-19 Response Plan

for Parents and Volunteers

Foundational Principals:

  • Operating with an approved Stone County Missouri health department plan.
  • A medical professional staffs camp each week.
  • Visitors and Vendors – Only essential visitor/vendor allowed with symptom disclosure, temperature check, social distancing and mask.
  • COVID-19 Protocol
    - Symptomatic patient separated in a quarantine-only building to await transportation home.
    - Cabin mates are separated from the general camp population but are able to continue cabin-only activities until the health department recommends their inclusion in the weekend or transport home. Campers and leaders departing early are refunded camp fee minus program/transportation fees.
    - All at-risk campers, leaders, volunteers and staff receive notification if positive tests from someone currently. or previously at camp are in a timeframe that could support disease transmission.
  • Disinfection and Sanitation – Camp uses disinfecting sprayers, UV disinfection lights or MERV 13 filters for HVAC ducts, stand-alone air purifiers with virus efficacy, hand washing stations, and hand sanitizing dispensers in each cabin, on every dining and game table and at every activity location throughout camp.
  • Young Life Buffs (face coverings) or masks are continuously carried by everyone and used at all times when inside buildings (except for inside cabin) or outside when not able to social distance (except in the pool).

Before Departing from Home:

  • Campers and leaders turn in form YL6007 and Transportation Agreement.
  • Before departing for camp all must be COVID-19 symptom free including an onsite temperature check (below 100.4F) provided by Young Life volunteer or staff.
  • Transportation – All campers, leaders, volunteers and staff complete Young Life’s waiver and health disclosure and have a temperature below 100.4F before traveling to camp. Campers, leaders, volunteers and staff travel to camp in vehicles and/or buses with campers and leaders already grouped in their cohort housing (cabins). Masks must be worn continuously during travel.
  • A negative COVID test within 48 hours of departure for camp is preferred but not mandatory.
  • Vehicle transportation for each cabin is preferred but not mandatory.
  • Bus Transportation - If traveling by bus, campers and leaders must be grouped by cabin with a seating chart. Campers and leaders should not switch seats. It is highly recommended but not mandated that cabin seating be separated by an empty row. Note: If cabins are not separated by an empty row, if campers and leaders do not stay in their assigned seats or if campers and leaders do not continually wear masks during the trip, then one symptomatic camper or leader may require multiple cabins or the entire bus to be quarantined.

Camp Operations:

  • At the camp welcome there is a cabin orientation and a second temperature check.
  • Cabins are considered “family units” and will not social distance from each other but will predominantly social distance from other cabins. In-cabin precautions in addition to the above include: private bathrooms cleaned and heads of bunks separated as far as possible.
  • Meals – Cabin dining tables are social distanced from each other. Campers and leaders wash hands with soap and water before every meal in newly built hand-washing stations. Tables and chairs are disinfected before every meal.
  • COVID-19 Symptoms - Campers, leaders, volunteers and staff are temperature and symptom checked daily.
  • Group Activities – Swimming pool complex, field/court games, camp events, sign-up surfing, meals, club, and believers’ walk comprise the current list of group activities. A group activity includes multiple cabins but the activity is primarily experienced as a cabin. Group activities safely proceed with a combination of social distancing, decreased populations, buffs, hand washing and hand sanitizing. Group areas, vehicles and equipment are sanitized or disinfected after each use or every hour.
  • Housekeeping
    - All campers, leaders, and volunteers are required to bring pillows, linens and towels.
    - All of camp is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between weeks.

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